(1) On Hedera the Token ID serves as the unique identifier for an NFT collection. TokenIDs can never be falsified so always check that this set of numbers is an exact match to what a creator has communicated on their official channels. Additionally, each NFT within a Token ID has its own unique serial number. On Hash Axis, the Token ID for any NFT is displayed after the title of the listing. You may optional also verify an NFT’s serial in the “Details” tab of the NFT page. (2) If an account was created very recently a high risk warning may display on the NFTs it creates. This warning will expire after 7 days.

Since anyone can link to any piece of media on any token, it is not enough to rely on the media attached to an NFT alone to confirm its validity. Always check the Token ID from your trusted source and make sure it’s a match before swapping. All swaps on Hedera are immutable and irreversible.